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Recycled cardboard

Why cardboard pallets?

At Revopal, we strive for a circular economy. An economy where there is no waste and where raw materials, parts and products are reused over and over again. To this end, we work with a system in which we make efficient use of what has already been produced.

Circular economy

Cardboard pallets - eco pallets - sustainable pallets

Companies can no longer ignore it. Climate change in our world has become a major issue. Every industry has to deal with it and feels the obligation to contribute to sustainable operations. There is a clear trend of replacing wooden pallets to sustainable pallets, eco pallets or cardboard pallets.

Traditional wooden pallets and especially disposable pallets made of wood can be a pollution to the environment. Using cardboard pallets creates an environmentally friendly way for companies to have durable pallets recycled. Disposable pallets made of wood eventually have an end station that prevents the pallets from being recycled again.

Cardboard pallets are fully recyclable and reusable in the system. Eco pallet is an abbreviation of ecological pallet. The Revopallet is certified for an ecological origin of raw materials. This means that the raw materials in the Revopallet are created from responsibly recycled raw materials that make up a recyclable cardboard pallet.