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Cardboard pallets

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Buying cardboard pallets?

Nowadays, we are aware that together we need to provide a sustainable environment. Many companies in logistics will recognize that weight and space are essential while transporting goods on pallets. At Revopal, we provide the perfect combination between sustainability and cost savings by developing the Revopallet. The Revopallet represents recyclable corporate responsibility and together formed a revolution in the logistics world.

Through the socially responsible way of production, Revopal contributes to the development of our society. Together we form a team for the production of recyclable cardboard pallets called Revopallet.

The ergonomic design of the Revopallet makes it very pleasant for employees to work with these pallets. The materials are light and do not contain dangerous protruding parts such as splinters or nails. A Revopallet in size 800×1200 weighs only 3.7KG in total.